Following Senior Recognition, Patronesses and graduating Ticktockers may opt to become Sustaining Members in the Lamorinda Chapter and in National Charity League, Inc. Sustainers retain the right to co-sponsor up to two prospective new members per year, have access to the Members Only section of our website, receive newsletter communications, and are welcome at monthly Patroness meetings and events. Patroness meetings often feature guest speakers on relevant and engaging topics.


Both a philanthropy opportunity and a social outing are planned about once a quarter. From volunteering at the Food Bank and grabbing coffee afterwards, to assembling care packages for Blue Star Moms over wine and appetizers, the benefits of NCL, Inc. can continue even after our daughters have graduated!

If you are an Active Patroness of a graduating Ticktocker and have a younger daughter, in order for your younger daughter to be considered a legacy you must continue your membership by paying Sustainer dues until the younger daughter is eligible to join. The Sustainer Patroness will then resume Active status.

If you are a former Lamorinda Chapter Ticktocker who has a daughter and you wish to be considered a “legacy,” we ask that you be a Sustainer member for two years prior to submitting your application. This applies only to the Lamorinda Chapter and is not an NCL, Inc. national policy.

If you’re interested in becoming a Sustainer, please contact Adrienne Castillo, our VP Membership, at adriennecastillo2003@yahoo.com.